Local PMET unfairly terminated after four days of work at Lian Tong & Co Pte Ltd but foreigners continue working

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I’m writing to request for assistance.

I’ve only commenced work in this company, Lian Tong & Co Pte Ltd for 4 days when they abruptly told me that my service is not needed.

The rest of the foreigners at the interviews secured jobs without any hassle.

I felt very unfair about it as I previously thought that MOM has had enforced various measures to protect citizens after the watershed P.E. of 2013.

However, this is obviously not the case as transgressions at various companies is an actual norm.

Take this for an example. There’s a Malaysian company named “Pathlab S’pore”.

This company has not been paying the mandated thirteen month bonus on the pretence that they do not have enough funds.

However, they can expand into the CBD district and other countries, as well.

They did the same to the staffs in Malaysia. They in turn responded with a strike and the members of parliament of the PR intervened on their behalf.
The issue was resolved with the company complying with the regulations.
This is Malaysia we’re talking about; a third-world country.

Are our MPs in the PAP doing the same thing?

I’m sure we all know the answer.

As I’m now unemployed, I approached NECDC for ComCare work support and am still awaiting for their response.

I’m not sure, but I feel that they’re taking their own sweet time to handle needs from Aljunied residents — whom the government considers non-citizens for the obvious reasons.

It brings back bitter memories of a Potong Pasir resident who once wrote in a forum in 2010.

She complained that SECDC has had victimized her as she hails from PP SMC, which was then under Mr Chiam’s charge.

PM Lee asks if our lives have improved since 2011.

My take is a resounding NO!

I’m waiting for 2015 or 2016.

Yours faithfully,
William Lim (S1519582G)

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