Roy Ngerng is a person with ZERO CREDIBILITY trying to gain Singaporeans’ SYMPATHY

Roy Ngerng Yi Ling writes long pieces nightly, especially to those who decide to “stand by him”. People may ponder why is he doing so, and dragging his feet and not taking any sort of concrete actions with regard to the lawyer’s letter (including apologizing, paying up, or fighting it in court).

Q1) Are the long pieces intended to RAISE some SYMPATHY and henceforth POLITICAL CAPITAL by crafting the perception that he was prosecuted for speaking up on behalf of Singaporeans on important issues? (And perhaps Roy will be heading to Hong Lim Park soon to raise the same point of prosecution, and to MISLEAD more people that he was prosecuted for speaking up for the people?)

The answer to that is clearly NO. No that he was prosecuted for speaking up on behalf of the people. As highlighted earlier, PM Lee raised the case not for Roy’s research or articles on the CPF per se, but his making of unnecessary comparisons. Unnecessary because can certainly raise important issues without such comparisons, and veteran oppositionists with more experience can do that better! (Read more at

Q2) Are the actions of Roy, in any case, beneficial to the opposition scene? Is being anti-PAP definitely pro-people and pro-opposition?

The answer to that is clearly NO. There are difference in being a HERO and a ZERO. One can surely be a better voice of the people by being focused on issues and not falling into some legal tussles where the crux of all important issues may be overshadowed by the coverage of the tussle. Again, veteran oppositionists can understand this. (Read more at

Q3) Looking at the credibility index, how can Roy strive to be a credible?

The answer is simple. He should seize the opportunity and proceed to court in order to prove in court and show the people, especially those who stand by him, that the (unnecessary) comparisons he had written in his post can indeed be substantiated and that he can defend and stand by his own work! Apologizing to PM Lee now and paying damages is certainly not the way to build credibility because how would people have faith in what he had written (he said he had written over 400 pieces in the last 2 years!) and what he will be writing in the future, when he in fact is unable to defend and stand by just ONE of his piece. (Read more at:

Q4) Is it time for Roy to show some action, other than words?

Absolutely. The deadline is coming up, so he will probably have to decide if he will apologize and pay damages (and therefore lose credibility) or he will proceed to court and stand by his piece.

And we will also know if he will further capitalize on this incident by heading to Hong Lim Park (regardless of whether he heads to court or not) to gain more political capital and to mislead the people that he was prosecuted for raising the CPF issue

Teo Jun Jie

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