Disable autoplay of Facebook videos to reduce mobile data usage

Facebook has allowed video advertisements to automatically play in their users’ News feed and whilst this is great for advertisers, it is bad news for its users.

With current mobile contracts offering only 2GB or 3GB data caps instead of the previous 12GB, users can ill-afford to allow Facebook videos to autoplay.

Since there is no way to disable video advertisements on your mobile device, the next best option is to change your device settings so that advertisements will only autoplay when you are on Wi-Fi – thereby reducing the bandwidth usage on your mobile data plan.

Let us show you how to configure your mobile device to do this.


For Apple devices running iOS:

Head over to “Settings” on your phone.

Scroll down and select “Facebook“.

Apple IOS Disable Facebook Video Autoplay 01

























Select “Settings“.

























Set “Auto-play” to “Wi-fi only”



























For devices running Android:

Open Facebook on your device.
Tap the Menu button to bring up the application menu.
Select “Settings”.



























Select “Video Auto-play“.




























Set to “Wi-fi only“.



























This concludes our guide to helping you reduce your mobile data usage.

We hope you have found this useful.

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