Alfian Saat: Lee Hsien Loong a pampered princeling & a bratty dauphin?

Cannot say PM became PM because of his father. Cannot say PM’s wife is CEO of Temasek because of PM. Cannot say PM ‘criminally misappropriates’ CPF money. (Though I’m not sure that’s what the blogger directly alleged; it seemed to me more a question of whether the GIC ‘mishandles’ CPF money through bad investments).

What then can be said of Lee Hsien Loong? Is it possible then to call him a pampered princeling, a bratty dauphin, overpaid, out of touch (‘mee siam mai hum’; called a group of Malay women, regardless of age, ‘makcik’; said ‘unhappy people go on the internet’, which is an awesome way to connect with young, wired voters), gaffe-prone (forgot to observe bowing protocol in Germany, made a wisecrack about getting pork soup out of a tap in China–because of pig carcasses in the rivers–and free smoke by opening windows), authoritarian (‘fixing’ the opposition), bullying (all the defamation suits he’s launched), ungracious (used ‘condolence letter’ for JBJ’s funeral to say that JBJ ‘sought by all means to demolish our system of government’), rumour-haunted (first wife’s death, Dhanabalan slap), insincere, ineffectual, rudderless, uninspiring, insipid, awkward, wooden, contrived, pink-shirt-fixating, mincing-walk-suppressing, gawky white horse whose photo ops expose a deep elite discomfort of mingling with the very people he’s supposed to represent and serve?

Oh dear me, is it possible? Keep on scorching the earth, Ah Loong, because lalang grass always grows back after each fire–spectacularly.

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