Let me withdraw all my CPF money, I do not trust CPF

As a fellow Singaporean, I do not wish to be paid CPF for the following reasons, to reduce the discrimination that companies have against paying CPF to a Singaporean, when they can hire cheap foreigners and not pay them CPF, this is also encouraged by the PAP Govt, because they are the ones that created this problem by inviting foreigners to take our jobs.

Second I do not believe the CPF can help me in my old age and I want to take all my own money because I am not looking at PAP to look after my interests as Singaporean.

I do not trust this CPF scheme because the minimum sum keeps increasing and your withdrawal age keeps changing, the profits that come from CPF investment, I do not get but the losses I am sure comes in all forms of taxes.

Where is all the profit that was made over the years, I do not see them in my bank account

As a Singaporean who can think and decide, Singaporeans should be entitled to decide if they want PAP to manage their CPF or they can opt out and take cash.

This way no one can blame anyone for their current problems, and since we do not believe in the PAP CPF system, we should have the ability to opt out, just like CPF Life or whatever term you want to call it.

I don’t think the CPF will benefit me in my old age and I don’t believe it has good intentions of serving my benefit when I am old.

So PAP Govt should let all citizens who are working to decide if they want to scrap the CPF scheme for themselves.

For those who think the CPF scheme will benefit them, you can stay, and for those who think its crap, let them draw out all their CPF money!

Citizens can decide what they want, don’t need PAP to pretend to help me save for old age!

What say you PAP?

Best regards


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