Is this the way to treat experienced & capable senior citizens?

Dr Edmund Lam has hit the nail on the head (“Age no barrier to working in knowledge economy”; last Friday).

Are seniors only suitable for these jobs?
One does not need to be young and strong to work in the knowledge industry.

I am a case in point.

To support my family, I had no choice but to go into sales during my younger days. However, I have been passionate about information technology for about 30 years.

My first personal computer was the XT. Since then, I have assembled my own computers. I have also taken all the Microsoft courses in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. In addition, I have taught myself scripting languages and am creating my own website.

Sad to say, after I hit my 50s, employers would tell me I was “too old” each time I applied for an administrative job. Instead, I would be offered posts in the security or cleaning industry.

Is this the way to treat experienced and capable senior citizens?

Wong Hoh Teng

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