TTSH is just about the worst hospital in Singapore

TTSH is just about the worst hospital in the country, based on first-hand experience as well as family and friends who have been warded there. My father went in for a hand operation a number of years ago, and even after the operation it was still hurting him – so a complete waste of time and money.

Back in my NS days, I suffered a recurring injury during combat training, and the MO referred me to the specialist clinic at TTSH. I saw the consultant there, who assured me that there was no problem, and nothing further happened.

Because the injury persisted (so how can there be no problem?) I obtained my GP’s referral to a different consultant at NUH, who identified the problem straightaway and scheduled an operation which fixed the injury. As part of his diagnosis, he also discovered an existing condition which would have downgraded my PES before I even enlisted – and did the reports and paperwork for me to go to MinDef’s medical board. Again the TTSH consultant completely missed it (or “chose not to see”.)

I’m sure there are some good doctors and nurses at TTSH, but frankly, in my personal experience, it is just horrible. Unless it is literally a matter of life and death, I would rather travel another 5-10 mins more and go to KK instead, just down the road.


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