Police report filed against Piaggio Managing Director Mark Franklin

A netizen made a police report against Mr Mark Franklin, MD of Piaggio Asia Pacific yesterday (14 May).


In his police report, the netizen said that Mr Franklin, riding a red Vespa scooter with license plate number FBE197R, allegedly made an illegal U-turn and caused an obstruction.


Mr Tay, driving the car behind Mr Franklin, horned at Mr Franklin. Mr Franklin then allegedly responded by flashing his middle finger and challenged Mr Tay.


The police report was forwarded to TRE today (15 May):

The whole incident was captured on video which has gone viral on the internet:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPhtlmRFyLE


In the video, Mr Franklin in fact showed his middle finger, drawing a circle with it 4 times before getting down from his scooter to approach the driver. As he walked back to his scooter, he struck the bonnet of the car before riding off through a road barrier to the opposite side of the road. The incident happened at Temasek Boulevard near Suntec City.


Understandably, Singaporeans are outraged at the behaviour of Mr Franklin.

A TRE reader, A.K., later wrote to Piaggio Group to complain about the behaviour of the Piaggio employee. The letter of complaint was copied to TRE (‘Unacceptable public behaviour by Piaggio employee‘).


Piaggio Group HQ replied to the TRE reader on 9 May saying that it expects the “highest standards of integrity and conduct” to be maintained by all their employees and representatives.

It has asked Mr Franklin to promptly explain and clarify the “detailed circumstances surrounding the incident” (Piaggio wants MD to explain & clarify his actions‘).


It’s not known if the police will be taking any actions now that a police report has been filed against Mr Franklin.


Meanwhile, ST reported today (15 May) that Mr Quek Zhen Hao, branded a road bully by netizens has been charged in court. He allegedly appeared in two videos which showed him driving recklessly.


Yesterday, he was charged with two counts of driving rashly to endanger life and one of displaying threatening behaviour towards a woman driver.


Mr Quek is said to have stepped out of his Honda Civic car and approached Ms Goh Siok Ling with intent to cause her alarm and distress at the junction of Dairy Farm Road and Petir Road.


Mr Quek later uploaded an 8-minute video on 5 Feb to explain his actions and apologise. He indicated that he would plead guilty yesterday.


The maximum penalty for driving rashly to endanger life is six months’ jail and a $1,000 fine. For displaying threatening behaviour, the maximum penalty is a $2,000 fine.

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