Coma patient wakes up to turn off YPAP video playing on smartphone

A patient who was under constant watch for the past six months in Singapore General Hospital woke up from his coma and proceeded to walk across his hospital room.

His revival shocked his family members who were too stunned to react initially, as they watched him approach his sister, who was using her smartphone to play the five-minute YPAP video that has been panned for being robotic, and turning off its volume.

Cha See Lang, the man who awoke from his coma, was reportedly heard saying by his family members: “Diam lah.”

He then walked back and sat on his bed.

Doctors and nurses on duty were rushed to the ward where the man spent the past half year unconscious after he met with a serious accident.

One nurse, Mee See, said: “When I came in, the man was sitting on his bed looking very grouchy like he had heard some very irritating sounds that managed to wake him from his deep slumber.”

“But we’re glad he is okay.”

The man’s family are thankful that the video was played at the right moment to incite such a strong response from a coma patient.

Singapore is looking to put a patent on this technology to help other coma patients.

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