A letter in support of Ridhuan Abdullah

Dear Editor,

I would like to alert you of a possible case of Police harassment and PAP curb on internet freedom. My friend Ridhuan Abdullah has been sacked from his job as a security officer with Keith Morton after he posted a vulgar reply to PM Lee Hsien Loong on his Facebook. PM Lee wished Singaporeans Happy Mother’s Day and Ridhuan replied saying, “I pity your mother for shitting out a cock sucking parasite like you.”

Ridhuan’s employer, Keith Morton, was then pressured by the Police to sack Ridhuan for his offensive post. According to Ridhuan, the company boss got a call from CID saying if they don’t sack him, the company will be in “deep trouble”. Even though the boss Mr Morton told Straits Times that the decision to sack Ridhuan was his own decision and nobody asked him to do it.

As we can see, this is clear case of PAP using the Police to curb freedom of speech online. PM Lee has a FB account and it is for Singaporeans to express their views honestly, no matter if they are unpleasant to him. If PM Lee cannot take rough and abusive comments, then he should not have a FB page. Instead, PM Lee has used the Police to exact “revenge” on behalf of him and cause Ridhuan to lose his job. Moreover, Ridhuan did not know that PM Lee’s mother has passed away because he work long hours and does not keep up with the news. He did not mean to be disrespectful to the dead.

I hope Singaporeans can forgive him because he did it out of rage and not purposely one. I have also told him to speak to Gilbert Goh and Transitioning so that they can help him to get a job with an employer who is not afraid of the PAP.

Fadly Y

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