Nadya Hutagalung admits she left Singapore so her kids ‘could be kids’

TV host, model and eco-activist Nadya Hutagalung has gone public about the reason she and her family have left Singapore. 

nadya hutagalung @Nadya_HutaGalng

This is why we left Singapore. Kids need to be kids. The youth suicide rates are high & unreported.

The 39-year-old mother recently wrapped up filming for cycle two of the hit Star World showAsia's Next Top Model, and is believed to be residing in Bali, where she married former national swimmer Desmond Koh in 2006. Here's a photo of Nadya and two of her children, via her public Instagram page: 

Nadya is the co-founder of Let Elephants Be Elephants, a community that wants to raise awareness on elephant survival and reduce demand for ivory. 

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