Malaysia among 10 best in world on corruption prevention

An international authority on administration and prevention of corruption regards Malaysia as among the 10 top nations globally which are successful in implementing effective strategies and efforts to curb corruption.

International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) programme and activity co-ordinator Professor Alan Doig said the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was on the right track to emerge as the best anti-corruption agency in the world.

“Malaysia is on the top 10 list of anti-corruption agencies in the world. I can see MACC is on the right track to become the most effective agency among other countries,” he told reporters after a session to introduce the Enforcement Module of the ‘Masters of Anti-Corruption Studies’ (MACS) programme today.

He was confident the status could be achieved because MACC was not only implementing innovations as hoped but was also capable of understanding and listening to the demands of the people in various issues.

Doig, who authored the book “Fraud: The Counter-Fraud Practitioners Handbook” said many countries could not implement transformation and renewal as planned but Malaysia was seen as having effective transformation programme plans. – Bernama

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