LTA practising double standards


I do appreciate that your officers do their rounds to ensure the roads are smooth for travelling, below is observed 13 May at 2035hrs.

Officer arrives and issues summons to taxi drivers AWAITING to enter the taxi stand in front of Lot 1. Without warning, he issues the summons right away. It is good to ensure the roads are not blocked for other road users, but it is absurd that he is allowed to be an obstruction while issuing summonses to our hardworking taxi drivers trying to make a living and picking up passengers from LOT1 taxi stand. I would like to demand an explanation on this double standards your officer showed or perhaps will you reply claiming ‘lack of training’?

While on this point about issuing summonses to taxi drivers, why not despatch your officers to issue summonses to taxi drivers, in a long queue, causing obstruction on the way to the airport. This is a daily occurrence but yet there is no officers despatched. Isn’t this another double standards? They can queue and wait for passengers at the airport but are not allowed at our neighborhood malls. Is the tourist’s money more valuable than heartlanders’?

I would expect a reply to this.


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