Loosen curbs on foreign labour and give foreign grads on govt bonds chance to fulfil obligations?

FOREIGN graduates on Singapore government grants and scholarships are required to work here upon graduation for up to six years (“Foreign graduates on S’pore govt bonds finding job hunt tough”; April 29).

However, in recent years, the Government has imposed curbs on foreign labour, with the aim of encouraging companies to consider hiring Singaporeans before turning to foreigners.

Some measures include increasing the minimum salary requirements for foreign labour, making it even harder for these graduates to get jobs here.

Many companies are unwilling to pay such high wages to a fresh graduate, preferring to hire a more experienced worker for the same salary.

No job means no income, and these foreign graduates would have to tap their savings to continue living here, while looking for work to fulfil their obligations.

Perhaps the Education Ministry could work with the Manpower Ministry and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help these graduates find jobs. In return for employing them, the SMEs could receive certain benefits.

Alternately, the Government could tweak the minimum salary requirements for the S Pass and Employment Pass.

I hope society will give these graduates a chance to fulfil their obligations and contribute to Singapore’s economic growth.

Lim Xin Ying (Miss)

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