Govt seeking refund from feng shui masters as S’pore Flyer still bankrupt

The Singapore government is launching a bid to recoup as much money as possible from the feng shui masters it had paid who were responsible for positioning the Singapore Flyer and making recommendations about where it should face.

This after the Singapore Flyer is still bankrupt having announced it was broke and not making money last year.

Previously, before it opened, feng shui masters were trying to milk the giant wheel left, right and centre by offering their services to give all sorts of advice, which on hindsight, are nothing but charlatanism.

In July 2008, these geomancers had even claimed that the Singapore flyer was taking fortune and “qi”, or energy, away from the financial centre and demanded a change of its direction.

An authority spokesperson, Jiang Fei Hua, said: “Now that the Singapore Flyer is dead and broke, where are the same geomancers? Now that the Singapore Flyer can no longer afford to pay for advice, where are they?”

“If geomancers are so good at reading the signs, surely they should have seen this failure coming?”

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