Malay breadwinner driver with three young children earning $2200/month, replaced by foreigner at Gates PCM Construction Ltd

Hi Gilbert
I, Muhammed Gani (NRIC S7337871J) am writing about the company, GATES PCM CONSTRUCTION LTD.

It’s with regard to the termination of my service. I previously worked as a driver.

I started working for GATES from 18 June 2012 as a driver with a salary of $2200.

The main aspect of my job is to fetch workers to their job site in early morning at 5.30 a.m. and evening after 7 p.m. till 11 p.m.

This is a very crucial job as I need my own transport to reach the workers dormitory on time without fail.

I live in Jurong East and my work site is at Hougang Ave 3.

I worked 6 days a week.

The details and briefing were given by foreign S Pass driver cum supervisor.

My probation is 3 months from the date of employment.

After 3 months on 19 September 2012, I received confirmation for my services.

On 1st Jan 2013, my salary increased by $66.

I never get any Pro-Rata AWS or bonus.

I called my company regarding this matter and the HR told me that the company will only give AWS/bonus to those who have been working for 1 year.

Mine was only for 6 months.

He told me to wait for next year to get the AWS/bonus.

Days passed, and December finally ended.

Everyone was waiting for their AWS/bonus.

Suddenly, a shocking new happened.

All foreign S Pass drivers received their AWS and I never got anything.

I called the office and spoke to my new foreign HR.

She told me that I am a contract worker with the company and it’s up to the company to give AWS/bonus.

I was furious when I heard that.

I went to the office and spoke to my boss on this matter.

My boss told me that my employment letter never stated the AWS/bonus is a must.

He even told me to get my employment letter revised with the new foreign HR once she’s back from her long leave.

I sadly walked away and continued to work for the company.

The foreign drivers enjoyed themselves and some of them even laughed at me for not getting any AWS/bonus.

Another piece of shocking news arrived on 11th April.

The HR urgently called me to come to the office for discussion.

I thought it was about our earlier issue regarding the revision of my employment letter but it’s not that.

It was a termination letter issued to me.

I was asked to write an acknowledgement letter to show that she had briefed me the reason why the company needed to terminate my services.

And she told me not to mention that in my writing.

She told me a simple letter will do, just mentioned that the HR has informed me about my termination, no reason needed at all.

She told me that the company management states that ‘lack of work’ is the reason why they are terminating my services with a one-month notice.

Today, 10th May 2014, is my last day of work in the company.

In nearly 2 years of working for this company GATES PCM CONSTRUCTION LTD, I never took any medical leave, no absence and no annual leave at all.

Even my boss once praised me saying that he cannot find a Singaporean working for them without problems, complaints, without MC etc.

Lastly, I found out that the foreign drivers are the ones who complaint to my boss often that Singaporeans never work on Sundays and public holidays.

And that they are terminating me and employ foreign S Pass workers to fill in my position!

Now my question to you Gilbert…

Who are we?

Why does a SME company uses us Singaporeans to fill the quota and show income tax and bring in foreigners?


Have you noticed that there are more frequent accidents on our roads these days?


My company has 7 trucks, 2 buses, 7 foreign drivers and 2 Singaporeans.

Both Singaporeans were terminated on the same day.

There are new S passed drivers coming to replace us.

In terms of our office staff, there are about 15, 14 foreign and 1 Singaporean pay clerk.

The boss is a father and son pair. And our manager is a Singaporean Chinese.

There are nearly 400 foreign workers in our company.

There are only 4 Singaporeans but from today, there are 2 left — 1 pay clerk and 1 manager.

Are they showing more CPF contribution of locals names?

Please investigate.

Even the foreign bus drivers from the company I used to work for are making extra money by recommending their own worker friend.

The bosses get the biggest share from the worker syndicate agents in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand.

And we Singaporeans are just working as middle class workers.

We are only working and keeping quiet.

I have already shared my story in this message to your good self about the company, GATES PCM CONSTRUCTION LTD.

I really hope that you will investigate this matter asap and give us Singaporeans good results.

And if you can, please implement new laws for companies who hire foreign workers.

Why did MOM composed a video clip song (the one about know our rights as an employee and employer)?

I earned my full-classed licences ( 2,3,4,5) after nearly 20 years of working as a driver.

I am a sole breadwinner with 3 young children to support as my wife is looking after them and we are living in a 1-room rental flat.

My second daughter needs to follow up with her checkups till the end as she has already removed her one eye brought by eye cancer.

My youngest daughter needs to follow up till she is 6 years old.

Every 4 months, she needs to be admitted to the hospital for 1-day surgery( more checks in her eyes) and it costs nearly $850.

She is only 3 years old. There are 3 more years to go.

How am I going to support them?

This company simply discards the locals and slot in foreigners to earn the commissions from both side.

I need to be compensated for my 6 month salary from the company.

And fill up our position as only SINGAPOREAN DRIVER must be in the company.

Please don’t issue the foreign drivers quota or covert their Kopi-O license S-Passes.



Muhammed Gani

PS: Also, I have forwarded this message to MOM.

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