Complaint against PRC RC member ignored by MP Sam Tan

[Letter was sent to Radin Mas MP Sam Tan on 20 April 2014. The MP did not reply, said the writer who forwarded the letter to TRE today (12 May) for publication.]

Radin Mas MP Sam Tan
Dear Mr Tan,

Please look into the appointment of foreigners who have converted to PRs or citizens, as RC members in Radin Mas.

On Good Friday, 18/4/2014 at around 8.20 p.m., I had to approach a bespectacled female dog owner in her early thirties sitting slovenly in the void deck, who had been regularly letting her dog bark noisily and endlessly on her regular evening walks. She was asked if she was a resident and advised to control her pet to keep the peace in the housing area.

She replied she was staying in Blk 115, Bukit Purmei. I told her that the RC leaders staying in the block there would tell her the same thing.

Immediately, she challenged me to join the RC and claimed she was a RC member who has been staying in Singapore for 15 years. Despite her claims, she further insinuated that I was ‘bias towards her because she was from China’ when in fact, she was never asked about her country of origin. I refused to entertain her nonsense to start another issue and drew her attention to pet control. Still, she continued to insist several times, again and again on the bias towards her as a PRC (in her own words), a quarrel tactic easily identifiable with her China comrades. I walked away to discontinue the tiresome talk.

This incident leads one to wonder about her true self identity and her real sense of loyalty, which 15 years in Singapore has not managed to convert. She still identifies herself with China. In itself, this also attests to the failure of her integration; of her respect for local etiquette and not forgetting to mention, of the policies enacted which favoured her current status.

Of greater alarm is that whether such character, after being given access to official position and privileges would choose to abuse it with impunity. Evidently so, she used her RC status to throw her weight about and basically was implying that being an RC member she had the right to allow her dog to behave in any way she deemed fit.

Would the PAP, which prides itself on running a tight ship, legitimize someone whose cultural background and upbringing connive rampant corruption and common abuse of official power, resort back to their hometown tricks of getting away with civil misdemeanor using the power appointed by the people to them?

For the good and progress of our nation, we must not allow the ill social behaviour of corrupt societies to even take grassroots here, much less have a voice in decision making affecting the community.


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