Singapore Taxi Driver: Migrate If You Can!

After decades of authoritarian-style government and relentless propaganda from The Shit-Times, Singaporean has been molded into an apathetically subservient lot, believing that they live in the best country in the world but actually they are only guests in a hotel.

Soon, with hordes of foreigners coming in to depress their wages or even displace them at the workplace and reduce them to second-class citizens, how much more loyalty can we expect from local-bred “Sinkies”, let alone migrants?

So, if “Sinkies'” loyalty is in doubt, who will then fight and die for Singapore on that crucial day?. Sadly, I think not many will do it willingly. This sad paradox is a result of this Government pursuit of economic growth numbers by embracing foreigners as EQUAL to “Sinkies”. They forgot the intrinsic value of loyalty and violated the sense of belonging of Singaporeans.

Recently, our Prime Minister loudly proclaimed “Singaporean, new arrivals, people who are on permanent residence here, people who are on employment pass here, all participating in one big Singapore family…..this place is special and it belongs to all of us”.

As a local bred Singaporean, with parents who have sweated and tolled all their life to build this country to what it is today, do you feel a sense of betrayal by this pathetic leader after reading his proud proclamation? Do you feel that strangers are sharing your flat and you’ve lost your space and privacy? Is your years serving NS a waste?

One day and soon, these very new arrivals, PR, employment pass holders and others will be given easy citizenship and become “Sinkies”. Naturally, they will happily vote for him and that’s his open secret. You can call me xenophobic or whatever, for I’m disgusted at his treacherous cum insidious agenda. He’s not fit to be my leader and Mr. William Lim’s petition (Link) is a small move in the right direction.

While comparisons with foreigners in the past were intended to spur Singaporeans to work harder, faster and better, it created pent-up frustration among Singaporeans who feel demoralized and unloved in their own home. Will you fight and die for your country if you have no feeling of belonging or love for her?

The many wealthy ( MP included ) has already bought an oversea residence to flee to in case of war but the average Sinkies has no choice but to stay put and surrender, as there’s absolutely no reason to waste your life for this country that you don’t belong.

Look, when a country is overwhelmed and diluted with millions of foreigners, how can you find a common denominator of patriotism and loyalty among the local born and foreigners? As it’s already an almost impossible task to forge a common loyalty to Singapore among the many ethnic races of Chinese, Malays, Indian and others, how much more difficult it is to forge the same with foreigners who don’t share our cultures.

The Filipinos, PRC, Indian and other foreign nationals are here for better economic opportunities but their hearts always belong back home. No matter how corrupt, chaotic, dysfunctional or dangerous home is, the strong sense of belonging to your birthplace always entice you to return to roots, family and community.

Here is a relevant quote from my buddy, Gintai at (Link)

“Even the sea turtles knowing that there are predators waiting for them, they still go back to Trengganu beach to lay their eggs. It’s a built-in innate instinct for those sea turtles from the deep South China sea to 落叶归根 (luò yè guī gēn) and lay their eggs there when the time comes. It’s programmed in their genes. It just can’t be logically explained.

It is rather naive to assume that getting 25,000 new citizens yearly over the next 5 years will bind them here? No amount of money you pump in on ‘social integration’ programmes will alter this fact. It’s akin to those instant trees found all over the island where their roots are not deeply entrenched. They easily got uprooted in a strong tropical storm!”

Today, Singapore is nothing more than a business hub. She was born as a trading post and has never grown up to become a nation in the true sense of the word till today. She will never become a nation and never will, just like how could you grow pearls in cockles! The closest she can become is a mere city-state!

Now, don’t be mislead by the many display of “patriotism” on National Day Celebration. The many flag flying at HDB blocks are the work of RC stooges and the thousands of “Sinkies” at MBS are there only to enjoy the show. When it comes to an acid test at war, many of them will display the “white flag” and hope for the best with a new master.

At the first sign of trouble here, foreigners can fled to their native lands where they still have connections and the wealthy will settled comfortably at their overseas pre-purchased houses. Where can an average “Sinkies” go?

If you’re a young and educated Singaporean family, I would encourage you to be “FT” of another country. There is nothing to live for in this authoritarian led country!

Migrate if you can or if not, at least change the “G” or get the “G” to change!

James Lim
Singaporean Taxi Driver

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