PRC Husband Refuses to Have Sex for Six Years: Wife Files for Divorce

A frustrated woman in Jiaxing, who is still a virgin after six years of marriage, finally threw in the towel and filed for divorce.

A Wei and Xiao Ling, who were middle school classmates, had always liked each other and when they graduated from university in 2008 decided to get married. Their parents were delighted and were eager for them to start a family young. A Wei helped out with the family business and it looked like the couple was headed towards a happy future together.

Xiao Ling told the judge that A Wei deliberately avoided his wife by staying out late and would only come into the room after Xiao Ling had fallen asleep, meaning the couple never consummated their six year marriage.

Xiao Ling, believing that her husband suffered from some kind of psychological problem tried to get him to see a doctor but he refused.

Xiao Ling even got medical proof that she was still a virgin and used it as evidence in court. Under the mediation of the judge, a divorce was eventually granted.

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