Teo Ho Pin, don’t try to fool us with your feeble answers

Dr Teo, can you please not change the subject or try to fool Singaporeans with your feeble answers that there was no security breach when a security breach indeed happened.

The 5 kids managed to breach your 3 layers of security and if kids can overcome these measures, there is serious doubt as to how effective they are.

Your answer shows that you, like many of your fellow MPs, are not in touch with the ground, that is to say you don’t know what is really happening. Singaporeans are starting to lose faith in PAP and your incoherent speech did nothing to reduce that but rather re-enforce why Singaporeans should not vote for PAP any more.

If the MP of Toa Payoh, Dr Ng Eng Hen, who is the minister of Defence, cannot even protect the roof top of his constituency, how do you think he can protect the country?

Please do not say that this is a freak incident which won’t happen again just like DPM Teo said the security breach at the Causeway would not repeat itself. But alas, it happened 4 times…

PAP has lost the effectiveness and sharpness in managing the country. They have become fat, incompetent and negligent in the duty to which they swore. They are more interested to enrich themselves than to care for the nation. As such, we should do our sacred duty as Singaporeans and masters of the land to elect people who can lead Singapore…and obviously PAP has failed to prove that they are the chosen ones.

Dracon the Learner

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