Integration Council explores ways to bring new immigrants and Singaporeans together

SINGAPORE – The People’s Association Integration Council will be adopting three approaches to bring new immigrants and Singaporeans together to promote integration in the community.

It will intensify local integration efforts at the neighbourhood level through Residents’ Committees (RCs) and Neighbourhood Committees (NCs).

A pilot Chit Chat session and Learning Journey will be introduced at 20 RCs and NCs in the next six months.

Through the session, neighbours can get together to network and bond on a more personal basis and talk about social norms and neighbourhood issues.

The Integration Council will also multiply the outreach efforts through partnerships and collaborative projects between immigrant associations and various grassroots organisations.

To generate greater awareness of integration efforts, the Integration Council will involve like-minded youths to be youth integration ambassadors.

The Integration Council plans to work with institutes of higher learning to train and appoint 150 youth integration ambassadors to share positive stories about neighbourliness and graciousness within the community on new media platforms.

These youth integration ambassadors could be matched to a RC or NC near their homes so that they can join the grassroots volunteers at various local community events to get to know the community better.

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