Commemorative birth certs are useless, Parents need more monetary support

All Singaporean babies born in 2015 will receive a commemorative birth certificate along with other presents to mark the country’s Golden Jubilee.

PMO minister Grace Fu told reporters on the sidelines of a ministerial community visit to Yio Chu Kang on Sunday morning.

Over the past months, the public has been asked to vote for five out of 15 shortlisted items that they would like to see included in a Jubilee Baby Gift package.

The package will be given to all Singapore babies as part of next year’s Singapore 50 (SG50) celebrations.

The community initiative is led by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD), which comes under the Prime Minister’s Office. So far, 15,000 votes have been received.

Ms Fu, who is also Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs, said popular items include a special commemorative medallion and a baby sling. Other items on the shortlist include a family photo frame, scrapbook and diaper bag.

But are these items what young Singaporean parents truly need? With the cost of living shooting up year after year with an end in sight, what parents need are tangible support to help raise future Singaporeans. Rather than waste taxpayers money on useless memorabilia, why not spend the money on increasing the baby bonuses given out during the year?

The Government needs to get their priorities right and spend Singapore’s valuable and finite resources on the things that matter. They should not spend money on useless events which celebrates 50 years of PAP rule while Singaporeans are finding it harder and harder to survive on our island.

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