Mark Franklin Saga: A Singaporean’s appeal to Piaggio Asia Pacific

I sent the the following email to Piaggo ‘[email protected]’ in reply to their response to my email about Franklin’s behavior. I suggest other brothers and sisters send this to them as well:

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your prompt reply.

I am glad to see that some investigative action is being considered by Piaggio Asia Pacific.

While this may have involved Mr Franklin’s private behavior, you will no doubt agree that as he has been identified very publicly as the MD of Piaggio in Singapore. Therefore by default the matter also now involves his employer in Singapore. He is, after all here in Singapore only because he works for Piaggo.

Singapore is a very open country and we welcome people of all walks of life to visit, live and work in Singapore. Mr Franklin is a guest in our country. By virtue of his status and position in your company he has the privilege to enjoy a standard and quality of life above most ordinary Singaporeans. Instead of contributing to society and giving something positive back to Singapore, his status, it appears has given him a heightened and false sense of entitlement.He has a sense of smugness and disdain for the local people, which has been translated into flouting the law, calling locals derogatory and insulting names and challenging them to fights on the streets like an ordinary bullying thug!

While in normal circumstances most Singaporeans and I would accept his apology, in this case I am not accepting it. I should point out that this apology came very late in the day and only after the matter became very public not only on forums and blogs but even in the printed media and on TV.

I also do not for a moment believe that his apology is genuine. His very convenient and expedient apology is meant to save his sorry skin and his position in the company and of course his cushy lifestyle which he unlikely to be able to enjoy anywhere else. I would appreciate if you can bear this in mind when you are evaluating and assessing this case.

While I am not in any position to tell you how to handle this matter, what I would have done if he were my employee, would have been nothing short of his dismissal.

I look forward to hearing from you on the outcome of your investigation and the decision your company will take on the future of Mr Franklin in your company.

Prithpal Singh

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