Singapore belongs to everyone…. except Singaporeans?

I have been silent for awhile but the PM’s recent “Singapore belongs to everyone” as well as the Police Force’s Operations director Lau Peet Meng’s statement on wanting to “hire foreigners for the police force” has made me write this post to raise & voice my concerns.

This post is for all Singapore Citizens as well as current civil servants. I know civil servants usually tend to support the ruling party but does the ruling party intend to support you?

Currently Singapore Police’s entry level jobs are paying $1,920 – $2,430 for a Sergeant, $1,790 – $2,060 for a Corporal.

For Degree holders, Assistant Superintendent of Police $3,710 – $4,470 & Inspector of Police $3,180 – $4,010

Lets say they start hiring from across the causeway, Malaysians will be willing to work for lesser then the above stated amounts for the said jobs & posts as they will enjoy the 2.55 currency rate exchange.

Also taken into consideration what the Malaysian government is currently paying their officers between RM1,500 and RM6,000 for ranks between constables to Assistant Superintendent which is much lesser based on the current currency exchange rate.

Due to economical gain they will defect to Singapore which will surely screw up our supply & demand curve of jobs available in the civil service.

Lets say our PAP government decides to go ahead with this unpopular move, next what is to stop them from hiring from India, China, Africa where they can exploit our strong currency to attract foreigners here to take up civil service jobs & in the process making Singaporeans work more for lesser income?

This will not stop at the Police force, it’ll continue with the Stat boards, HDB, LTA, IRAS, URA, NEA, the ministry & so forth, when they face manpower crunch, they will simply resort to hiring from overseas which is similar to taking steroids.

Dear Singaporeans & civil servants, your jobs and livelihood are at stake if you continue to support the current PAP regime which doesn’t care if you are displaced or replaced, for them life goes on drawing their multi-million-dollar, highest in the world (out of this world) ministerial salaries.

You will also have no sense of belonging in your own country and, vice-versa, your country will not belong to you because according to PM Lee “Singapore belongs to everyone” (including foreigners).

Yours truly,

A fellow true blue born & bred Singaporean Citizen,

Prabu R

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