The freelance prostitute who got 48 men charged for having commercial sex with her may be considered a ‘minor’ under the law, but her meticulousness resembled more like a seasoned businesswoman.

Among the 48 men already charged include 9 civil servants, a senior banker, a company director, a senior vice-president of a private company, lawyers, a senior police officer, the former principal of Pei Chun Public School Lee Lip Hong and prominent grassroots leader and high-ranking MOE official Chua Ren Cheng. Their ages range from between 21 to 48 years old.

In the heart of the evidence used by the prosecution to charge the 48 men is a sex diary kept by the underage prostitute documenting clearly her ‘bonking sessions’ with her clients.

According to court documents obtained by the press, the underage prostitute had sex 58 times with the 48 men between 23 September 2010 and 24 October 2011.

Her diary includes chilling details such as the place and time of the sessions as well as the amount of time spent by each man bonking her.

Though she charged a ‘standard’ rate of $500, some of her clients such as former grassroots leader Chua Ren Sheng and Swiss banker Juerg Buergin were so pleased with her services that they offered her tips of between $100 and $200.

One client 29 year old Koh Zi Yang had sex with her twice for nearly two hours just months after he got married. Another client bonked her for only 15 minutes, but still paid her $500 nevertheless.

The third batch of men expected to be charged soon includes a senior lawyer and high-ranking SAF officer. Like many others before him, they have been ‘pawned’ big time by her.

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