Singapore lady: Mark Franklin was provoked by driver into flashing the middle finger

The Real Singapore is seriously getting on my nerves. I happen to know the other side of the story, and I have a few points I wanna make, so hear me out.

Can I kindly request for “Victim” Tay to upload the raw video with FULL AUDIO so Singaporeans can make an impartial judgment of the whole incident?

Mr. Franklin was pulling over to the right as he suspected that there’s a problem with his scooter. Note: He did not stop to threaten said victim. “Victim” Tay then honked at him, not ONCE as claimed, but continuously for the ENTIRE duration of the video and after. This ‘victim’ also HAD HIS MIDDLE FINGER UP THE WHOLE TIME. This prompted Mr. Franklin to walk over to his car to find out what the problem was. I can only imagine how pissed Mr. Franklin must have been because as if getting stuck with a faulty scooter is not unfortunate enough, he now has to deal with a rude fellow road-user who chose to seek unnecessary trouble instead of just taking the left lane where there is ample space to pass.

I’m not saying Mr. Franklin is completely right for showing the finger, but he definitely did not do it unprovoked. Next, MR. FRANKLIN DID NOT MAKE ANY DEROGATORY REMARKS DIRECTED AT SINGAPOREANS. “Victim” Tay can be taken to court for slander under the Defamation Act. After catching how he was “victimized” on video, “Victim” Tay then started gloating. He was smiling widely and singing “I got you on video, I got you on video” repeatedly, which brings me to my next point…

What is “Victim” Tay’s intention? Tay, why are you terrorizing foreigners like that? Now that you have gotten undiscerning Singaporeans to hate on foreigners (more), what else do you want? Playing victim and turning Singaporeans against foreigners like Mr. Franklin may be fun to you, but did it ever occur to you that you are ruining people’s lives?

I am absolutely disgusted at how this (severely misrepresented) incident is magnified just because the man in question is a foreigner. –Okay from this point onwards I am just ranting- The most common reaction from netizens goes along the lines of ‘he is a foreigner, how can he come to our land and do this to our people?’ Hello, NEWSFLASH: As much as they do not have the right to do anything marginally harmful to us locals, we do not REIGN OVER THEM. Stop treating them like they are less of a human and judge them based on a different set of standards. QUIT PICKING ON THEM JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN. QUIT THE DOUBLE STANDARDS.

I know Singaporeans’ aversion towards foreigners is not baseless, and I am also guilty of conveniently blaming them for the most random things, but seriously… stop thinking every Ang Moh is out to get you. Stop picking on foreigners. Stop being so xenophobic.

I know it is only natural to want to stand up for a fellow Singaporean, but I sincerely hope local netizens will stop taking sides blindly and start withholding judgment before getting substantiated versions of the stories they read online.

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