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To those who always complain, making ridiculous comments and/or noises about current PAP government, are you doing all these because 
1) You love your country so much and willing to sacrifice.
2) You want to help your fellow Singaporean UNCONDITIONALLY based on true faith and sincerity to serve.
3) Of your personal grudges with the government. 
i) You or anyone in your family break the law, got fined or punished or jailed by government;
ii) You or anyone in your family apply for grant or assistance not approved; 
iii) etc, etc…
4) You or anyone in your family are unable to receive at least a basic 10 years of education in government school because your family has no money.
5) You or One of your family members is dying but the hospital unwilling to treat or admit him or her until you pay the medical bill.
6) You or One of your family members is dying of hunger.
7) You or One of your family members is living on the street.
8) You or One of your family members because of poor security situation in this country and got rob, raped or killed.
9) You cannot find ANY work even if you are willing to work.
10) BASIC NECESSITIES are so EXPENSIVE that you cannot afford. Eg. Rice and Water.
11) PAP kills your whole family.
12) Of your personal unhappiness.
13) Of your personal setback or failure in life.
14) Opposing for the sake of opposing.
15) you think that by complaining, shaming the government/country online and offline, stirring public emotions you can achieve something greater and personal.
16) you are making full use of your time and you will become successful, rich or famous in the future.
17) Etc… etc…

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