Local university undergraduate earns $7,000 a month as a freelance prostitute

Working as a freelance prostitute has become an easy source of money for many young Singaporean women who will be otherwise be struggling to make a decent living to support themselves.

One undergraduate at a local university is earning so much moonlighting as a freelance prostitute providing sexual services to horny men that she can buy a car and move out from her parents’ home to live in an apartment of her own.

In an exclusive interview with a local tabloid, “Alicia” (not her real name) revealed she earns S$800 – S$1,200 per hour for each client she takes which includes role-play requiring her to dress specifically in the dress her clients request such as businesswoman, nurse, and student.

‘Alicia’ said she became a freelance prostitute during her junior college days to seek ‘revenge’ on her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her, but subsequently became ‘addicted’ to selling her body for sex because it is so easy to make money from men.

She admitted that she ‘loves’ her job because of the ‘high’ she gets from manipulating men:

“I love the power I have to manipulate men whether they are rich or smart. The power of control is simply irresistable.”

However, ‘Alicia’ said she will not trust another man again after she saw for herself what blatant liars men are:

“We were about to have sex and when his wife or girlfriend calls, the man will come up with some lame excuse like I am at work or entertaining clients. Entertaining? Haha…”

‘Alicia’ does not intend to be a freelance prostitute for long. She wants to retire when she graduates this year, or when she has hooked up a rich man to be a ‘tai-tai’ for the rest of her life.

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