Bus 75 driver Mr Sng offer sweets to passengers and brighten up commuter’s day

This bus driver by the name of, Mr Sng, made my night yesterday.

It was around 9.45PM when I boarded the bus 75 from NgeeAnn Polytechnic’s bus-stop. I was exhausted due to my training and couldn’t wait to hop onto the bus to take a nap. However as I tapped my ezlink card, I couldn’t help but noticed a box just beside the driver with a note that wrote,”Please help yourself to some candy and have a ‘Sweet’ journey ahead!”

I smiled and proceeded to take a seat without taking the sweets. 30 mins ride home felt short as I observed how the commuters boarded the bus, but I was shocked as I saw all 26 passengers that boarded the bus walked on without even taking a glimpse at the box of sweets.

When the bus was arriving my stop, I grabbed my bag and went up to him, started a quick conversation while the bus stopped. I could tell by his face that he was disheartened that people simply walked by. Before I left the bus, I took a quick snap as he smiled, grabbed a sweet and left the bus.

I realised that everyone was staring at me but I felt good. At least, I know that I’ve made someone’s night.

Just a story that I wanna share out! Have a great day ahead everyone!

Yeo Jiawei

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