Taxi driver launches online petition calling for PM Lee’s resignation

A petition calling on PM Lee to resign his office has been launched by a Singaporean cabby, William Lim.

William, who launched the petition yesterday (4 May), hopes to collect 100,000 signatures to show public displeasure about a statement made by PM Lee at a community event in Ang Mo Kio on Saturday (3 May)

During the event, where Indians from various ethnic groups came together to celebrate Indian New Year, PM Lee said Singapore belongs to everyone including foreigners. He encouraged Singaporeans to celebrate the festivals of Singaporeans from other ethnic groups, AND the festivals of foreigners.

PM Lee said:

Singaporeans, new arrivals, people who are on permanent residence here, people who are on employment pass here, all participating in one big Singapore family…

So that we feel that this is a place which is special, which belongs to all of us and where we all celebrate one another’s festivals and happy events together.

The event was organised by the Indian Activity Executive Committee of Ang Mo Kio GRC and Sengkang West SMC. PM Lee was guest-of-honour at the event.

After he made the statement, it was immediately picked up by India’s media. For example, India’s Business Standard published an article yesterday (4 May) with the headline, “S’pore belongs to all those living here: PM Loong”

Meanwhile, William said that he was very disappointed with PM Lee’s statement.

“A leader like him shouldn’t be saying this kind of words at all,” William said.

“NS is a very important issue and every male citizen must serve NS to protect their own country, but if the country belongs to someone else apart from Singaporeans, what is the point of NS? Why should we fight for people who don’t belong here in the first place?”

William added, “As for CPF, a lot of firms do not want to hire Singaporeans because they need to contribute to employee’s CPF (a.k.a. a form of taxation for the firms). So if Singapore belongs to everyone, then give us the same treatment as foreigners on this issue as well.”

In his petition, William wrote:

Last Week, PM Lee said: Singapore belongs to everyone staying here, including the foreigners on work passes.

Singapore belongs to Singaporean! Not other country would tell the whole world that their country belongs to the world and not reserved for their citizens. Try asking other countries, e.g, Malaysia, Indonesia, US, England, Australia etc.

It’s making mockery to Singaporean and the statement had belittle Singaporean.

If Singapore belong to foreigners as well, then we should be treated equally as foreigners:

No NS for Singaporean Male Citizens
No Contributions of CPF
As such, It’s a disgrace of a Prime Minister of Singapore to made such a statement!

In this petition, we petition on the followings:

PM Lee to retract the statement
PM Lee to apologize for the statement
Resign from Office
Call for an election

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