Road Rage Exposed: Suntec City Red Vespa Ang Moh Mark Franklin

Yet another road rage incident involving an Ang Moh motorist happened on the roads of Singapore! According to the Singaporean victim Tay, the arrogant motorist flashed his middle finger and hit his car just because Tay tapped his horn (once) when the motorcyclist did an illegal U-turn.

Is this the sort of thuggish behaviour we expect from our foreign talents? Regardless of one's wealth and standing, one is expected to abide by the laws of the land you are in. The motorist's total disregard for fellow motorists and his arrogance pissed off many Singaporeans. Many have since called for the authorities to take swift action against him. 

Alas, no action was taken against this brazen motorist for his bad behaviour till today.

Because of the authorities's reticence in doing justice, The Unseen Singapore felt compelled to stand up for our fellow Singaporeans. Without further ado, we present to you, Mark Franklin, the Suntec City road rage motorist.

Based on the evidence given by Tay, the motorist speaks with a British accent and the incident happened at Suntec City.

After the incident, Singaporeans managed to track down the same Red Vespa FBE197R parked in the vicinity of Suntec City on at least two other occasions.



The video of the incident was then uploaded onto YouTube and a YouTube whistle blower by the name of Peter Lim exposed the motorist to be Mark Franklin, Managing Director of Piaggio Asia Pacific. Mark is obviously pretty "well-liked" to be outed like that on the internet. 

With this tip, The Unseen Singapore dug deeper and found two compelling pieces of evidence to back up this claim.

First, Piaggio Asia Pacific's office is situated at Suntec City Tower Two and being the Managing Director, it would explain why Mark Franklin parks his Vespa in the Suntec area and drives a red hot Vespa (live product advertising).

Second, from Mark Franklin's Facebook, it is confirmed that he is British and this ties up with the victim's account of the motorist speaking with a British accent.

Are these facts purely coincidental or is Mark Franklin the bozo on that sexy red Vespa?

Will Mark Franklin be man enough to own up to his mistake and apologise to all Singaporeans for his thuggish arrogance?

Now that we (the People) have done the heavy lifting, will the authorities take action against this foreign talent or are they afraid of his wealth and influence? 

Singaporeans welcome foreign talents to our little island but if you step on us, we will "hunt" you down and shame you 🙂






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