One gap LTA should’ve plugged

AS A boy who grew up in Tampines and is now a father-to-be, I applaud the tenacious efforts of MP Irene Ng to get the Tampines shuttle service up and running (“New shuttle bus for Tampines Changkat”; Sunday).

The population of Tampines is ageing, and such direct services will be a boon to the older folk in the area.

What piques me is the fact that Ms Ng had lobbied, unsuccessfully, for eight years for a direct bus to ferry residents of Tampines Changkat to the only wet market in the neighbourhood and, in the end, she had to get a private operator to step in to provide this service. It was reported that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) found that this service was not viable.

Have the regulators here lost sight of the need to serve the community and to make sure that the industries they regulate serve the community’s purposes?

In this case, there was a clear need in the community for the direct bus service, so why did the LTA shoot the idea down?

Even if the idea for a direct route was “not viable”, why did the LTA not help to plug the transport gap earlier, instead of letting the problem persist for eight years?

Samuel Ng

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