Singaporeans are foreigners in our own country

seriously i really wonder is there still a singapore for singaporeans ?

will there be singaporeans inside singapore even ?

by the looks of how things are going and happening right now, highly likely possible that the singaporean race is finished

the current ruling govt does not protect the true blood singaporeans and does not take care of them but instead politically killing their own people and then protects and take care of foreigners much more better than locals

Singapore is right now in the process whereby the future holds for the foreigners to replace the original Singaporeans as Singaporeans of the future and original Singaporeans gets kick out as a matter of time
Try imagine the day Foreigners become Singaporeans and Singaporean become into foreigners in their own original country ! i really see this day coming for Singaporeans

everything will be replaced by foreigner in the future , school , jobs everything in the hands of foreigners and this has already started ! what is there that truly belongs to Singaporeans ?

How many of our country assets has our Singapore ruling government sold to China and a few more other countries ?

how many positions in the poly and uni in singapore are filled up with foreigners ? how many jobs replaced with foreigners and Singaporeans put under the charge of a foreigner as their superior ?
even our houses are also in the process of being taken over by foreigners too !

overseas graduates are preferred over local graduates, more and more job taken over by foreigners including Singapore police force also let foreigners be our police

country assets sold away to foreigners , foreigners earn our money and go back home country retire rich ! our economy, our finance , our jobs, our education, our money , our house and all the singaporean rights taken over by foreigners one by one

we have a few options !
1) replace our ruling government and restart everything all over again
2) get your own butt out of singapore and become foreign talent in other country
3) accept this oppression and fate and just rot and die in Singapore
Singaporeans ! you better start thinking !

Chan SiJie

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