So it's the time of the year again where Singapore's only television broadcaster stroke their own ego in a major mental masturbation fucktard show. Unlike other television awards like the Emmy's where different television companies compete with one another for accolades, the Star Awards is one major television event where one major broadcast company (Media Corpse) dish out awards to one major division of the company!

It gets really hilarious and sick when you realise that all the TV dramas that are competing with one another are actually produced by more or less the same bunch of people, written with more or less a similar structure, acted in by more and less the same bunch of "stars"…and to drive home the point, they are all working for the same bosses!

In fact, all of those who won some kind of awards, go up to the stage, and carry the balls and breasts of these same bosses by thanking them over and over again. It sure does feel like North Koreans thanking their Supreme Leader for giving them life!



Without a doubt, this is the only "company awards dinner" in the world, disguised as some major television award show, that gets played on prime time weekend television with so much fanfare.  

Things really start to get painful when they announce 3 winners for a single category when there are only 5 nominations. Even the Sharity Elephant was never this kind! They look almost embarrassed walking up to receive their trophies…

And do we know who the are the judges that award the best actor, best actress, best drama and so on? It doesn't really matter when the shows are all produced by the same company and written with the same lousy repetitive plots! They judges were probably trying to choose the one that sucked the least in this cesspool of state propaganda masquerading as decent entertainment. 

The icing on the cake is when taxpayers' money is being used to subsidise the various shows that Media Corpse produces. Yeah the PAP government dishes out millions to Media Corpse every year. So basically we are forced to pay for really bad TV that we don't really wanna watch. At least they bothered to remove the TV license some years ago. But still, do you really have to masturbate on TV and say how great you are when you are the only ones watching yourself?


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