Nothing done to ease motorcycle parking woes

IT HAS been five months since my letter (“More motorcycle parking spaces in CBD, please”; Nov 20, 2013) was published. But up to now, nothing has been heard from any government agency on easing the parking woes of motorcyclists.

When a sudden downpour occurs, it is extremely frustrating that motorcyclists are unable to seek shelter in the nearest building simply because there are no motorcycle parking spaces. There are so many buildings in the Central Business District (CBD), yet nothing is being done to help the poor riders.

Motorcyclists are also shoppers, and shopping centres can be more motorcycle-friendly.

Last Christmas, I entertained a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who had ridden all the way from Bangkok. They had wanted to visit the integrated resorts, but were put off by the fact that Marina Bay Sands did not provide motorcycle parking spaces, and the nearby open carpark was full. The only option was for them to park illegally.

Sentosa was worse as motorcycles are not even allowed on the island.

Motorcycles form an integral part of the country’s transport system. Like car owners, motorcyclists pay certificate of entitlement premiums, taxes, transfer fees and other government charges.

If the State requires all buildings – in or outside the CBD – to provide parking spaces for cars, should the same not apply to motorcycles?

Henry Ong

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