Paedophile planned to get 13-year-old girl pregnant then abuse their baby from birth

An incest-obsessed British ­paedophile flew to America for sex with a 13-year-old girl – so he could get her pregnant and then abuse their baby.

Shuhel Mahboob Ali told an undercover FBI agent posing as the teen’s father he wanted sex with his newborn daughter “as soon as the midwife left”.

Ali, 40, planned to bring the 13-year-old back to Britain to “train her sexually and prepare her for a family”.

But now the monster has been jailed for 10 years in America after being snared in an FBI sting.

He replied to an online ad last year offering the fictitious underage girl for sex and told the fake dad he wanted to settle down with the girl and “breed” a “daughters only” family.

He described in horrific detail what he would do to them all, saying: “When you start with very, very, very young, you can mould them to believe anything and do anything.”

Ali arrived at Sanford, Florida, last April to meet the undercover agent with bondage tape, two face masks, condoms, cameras and a laptop containing child porn hidden in his luggage. He was arrested near Titusville by Department of Homeland Security agents and sheriff’s deputies.

Londoner Ali has been held in a US prison ever since.

Last week he pleaded guilty to enticing a minor to engage in sexual activity. Sheriff Wayne Ivey said: “It is truly
unimaginable that monsters exist and walk among us with the purpose of victimising our most precious citizens.”

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