SMRT’s shortening of train service inconvenienced late night commuters

Dear Editor,

I would like to seek your assistance in relaying my feedback to SMRT as follows:

SMRT’s train services between Ang Mo Kio and Admiralty MRT stations will end by 12.30 am, from Sunday to Thursday nights from April 15 to end October (except on eve of public holidays) [Link].

My opinion is this shortening of train service by 30 minutes earlier than normal operations has affected some people who are working in the service industry. These people can only leave work at a certain time. When they are on their way home, they expect a hassle-free and smooth trip to end a tiring day at work.

SMRT should provide special bus services at the said stations to ensure the route is not disrupted by the early closure, instead of requesting affected commuters to look for alternative routes themselves! Such special services should even be provided FREE to minimise the inconvenience and hassle of changing transportation at the affected stations. I wonder why ordinary commuters have to bear the brunt of SMRT’s maintenance problems or their lack of maintenance.

I hope SMRT will be socially responsible to the thousands of late night workers/commuters who have been toiling to make Singapore a better place for all, considering that this shortening of service times will last for about half a year till October.

Mr. Sim

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