I am disturbed by the report “Driver nabbed in another checkpoint incident” (April 22). Despite the Home Affairs Ministry’s efforts to enhance checkpoint security, we are seeing attempts, seemingly premeditated in some cases, to breach our checkpoints.

Perhaps the penalties should be reviewed, as a jail term and relatively low fines appear to no longer be a deterrent. Living standards have improved over the years and those convicted of such offences may consider the financial penalties a pittance. And those who cannot pay may not mind doing time, which is a waste of our resources.

It may be timely for the authorities to consider including mandatory caning in the penalty, as is the case for illegal immigrants. This would send the right signal that the law means business.

Such breaches are a serious issue. If we allow our checkpoints to be tested over and over, and even one attempt is successful, it could be used as a means to harm Singapore.

Arthur Lim

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