Dear All Singapore Stuff,

After so many people have made so much noise about the Filipino Independence Day – some protesting against the event while others sitting on their high horses calling the protestors “xenophobic” and a “disgrace”, I find it a big joke that the Singapore Police Force has now come out to say that the organisers of the event did not even apply for a permit to hold their event in Orchard Road.

Do the Pinoys really think that they can do as they please in Singapore to the extent of disregarding our Public Order Act which stipulates that a permit is required for any type of public assembly or procession? And they even intend to draw a crowd of 10,000 when it illegal even for one person to protest outside of Hong Lim Park. If it is so easy to just organise a gathering in Singapore (outside of Hong Lim Park), then our opposition politicians like Chee Soon Juan and activists like Gilbert Goh will have a field day organising protests every single day already lah!

Now, I will sit back with my popcorn and watch the interesting show to see if the police will approve of their permit. If they approve it, then are the authorities showing double standards towards locals and foreigners? But if they don’t approve it, then this whole fiasco is just much ado about nothing. Either way, the joke is on the 3Ps – the Pinoys, Police and Prime Minister.

Ben Lim

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