Hi Everyone,

I need advice on my situation:

I’m a Single Pinay Singapore PR working here in SG as a professional in IT FIELD for 7 years. 6 Years PR and no plan to be SG citizen. I have been offered many times to work back in Manila with the same SGD salary I am earning here, since our company have branches all over Asia Pacific. I thought those were nice offers, because it is tempting to EARN IN DOLLARS BUT SPEND IN PESO.

BUT then, I don’t like the idea of going back to Philippines and even if I earn same rate I will get taxed a lot with all the corrupt tax officials and politicians in our government, I don’t want them to benefit over my career. Smile Aside from that, I don’t like the traffic in Manila plus I am very scared na baka maholdap lang ako sa Manila or whatever crimes are in there right now. I am from the province.

I also still want to be Singapore PR and maintain (since I just renewed) the ability of me going in and out of Singapore for future business plans. Although, staying here means you must pay rental, get attached to expensive bills and cost of living. And I think even if I ask and plead my boss to increase my salary, I just think, I have reached to the point of the highest salary rate my career can offer. Not sure… but for me, the fast-paced life here is not something I dream of if I want to settle down with kids anytime soon.

So, our company now have a Bangkok Branch— and I am also being offered to stay in there to work with the team there. I am an executive for my Boss and most of our team needs to be managed either in Thai/Manila. I am thinking to just migrate in Bangkok since, the cost of living in there is same as in Pinas, or even lower as they say — and not so fast-paced.

Here are things I need to clarify:

1) If I work and migrate in Thailand, that would mean I should get a Thai working visa right? Meaning, they will chop my passport if I get granted a working visa.

2) If I get a Thai working visa, I should be signed under a contract with our Thai Branch, and taxes will be paid in Thailand and not anymore in Singapore branch right?

3) So that makes me unemployed Singapore PR in Singapore, Foreign Working Pass in Thailand and Filipino. How about my CPF contribution? Can I just leave it as stagnant? I am sure there are SPR in SG who are unemployed or just housewives.

4) Can a Singapore PR leave SG and have a working Visa outside? (not his home country) but can still come back in and out of SG?

5) If you are someone like me who wants to EARN IN DOLLARS but spend in Lower Costs Smile — plus not have so much stress like what we have in Manila. Do you think, Bangkok is the place to settle down?

— I don’t consider migrating to Australia , New Zealand or Canada. I still want easy access to Manila, just in case there are family gatherings. I live very near clark airport and it is very convenient to just jump from one country to another.

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