Motorbike passes LTA check twice, but NEA issues fine

Last month, my son took his two-stroke motorcycle for its annual Land Transport Authority (LTA) inspection and it passed.

Six days later, we received two letters from the National Environment Agency (NEA).

One was for a S$70 fine for visible white water vapour emission and the second ordered us to go to any LTA vehicle inspection centre for an exhaust emission test before using the motorcycle on the roads.

The next day, we took the motorcycle for another exhaust emission test — and again it passed.

The LTA has found the motorcycle to be roadworthy twice, so why did the NEA appear to think otherwise? I have contacted both agencies about this. So far, I have not received any reply from the NEA and calls to it have proven fruitless.

While I am not an expert, all the mechanics I have spoken to said every two-stroke motorcycle would have some white vapour emission.

Are two-stroke motorcycles acceptable for Singapore’s roads? My son bought his only in January and renewed the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) for a further 10 years.

It would be greatly appreciated if either the LTA or the NEA could shed some light on this matter.


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