Song bo? PAP spend $4.4m for Singapore Day in London

SINGAPORE: A budget of $4.4 million was committed for Singapore Day 2014, which was held in London.

The event was attended by over 9,000 participants.

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said this in a written Parliamentary reply to Nominated Member of Parliament, Faizah Jamal.

He said Singapore Day is put together with the support of partners from the private, public and people sectors, many of whom volunteer their services.

In total, 182 personnel from Singapore were involved.

They included representatives from public sector agencies, food crew, concert artistes and production crew.

He added that Singapore Days are held in public parks.

Many of these parks have stringent environmental regulations that the organiser has to address during the application process and closely abide by during the event.

Whenever possible, portable items such as kitchen equipment used by the hawkers are recycled for subsequent Singapore Days.

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