Police woman calms down teenager who attempted suicide in Yishun

Posted by Yishun North Neighbourhood Police Center: On 26 March 2014, a case of attempted suicide was reported at a housing estate along Yishun Ring Road and police officers were dispatch to the scene to render assistance.

A teenager, sitting on the ledge of the estate was seen in a state of distress. W/CPL Fadhilah proceeded to engage her to understand her plight. Despite continuous engagement, the girl who is believed to be experiencing multiple emotions rejected all engagement by our caring officer. Successful rescue efforts were then performed by SCDF and Police to get her out of danger zone.

Officer Fadhilah then comforted the depressed teenager and managed to calm her emotions. Officer Fadhilah displayed the kind and compassionate side of a police officer by consoling and lending her a ‘shoulder’ to lean on.

A police officer may be seen taking a tough and firm stance when responding to incidents of crimes. But in every police officer, there is always a kind and caring side that many do not realise.

Remember that there help is only a call away and never ditch life as you only pass this way once.

Editor’s note: But will this teenage girl still be charge with attempted suicide by the Police? Do you know of any similar cases? Email us at [email protected]

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