Two new PAP faces for Aljunied GRC

Straits Times 11 April 2014

THE People’s Action Party (PAP) will introduce a new face soon to work the ground at opposition-held Aljunied GRC.

Ms Chan Hui Yuh, 37, a director of construction company Infra Waterproofing, will be at the Serangoon ward, one of the five divisions in the group representation constituency.

The former deputy organising secretary of the Young PAP’s executive committee told The Straits Times yesterday that she would be vice-chairman of the Serangoon Citizens Consultative Committee (CCC) next week.

But she will give her full attention to Serangoon only after her term as chairman of Siglap CCC in East Coast GRC ends in April next year, she said.

Asked if she would consider standing as a PAP candidate in Aljunied GRC in the next general election, Ms Chan said she would “deem it an honour” if called on to do so.

Meanwhile, Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao reported yesterday that she looks set to take over as PAP Serangoon branch chairman from long-time activist Poon Mun Wai.

Zaobao also reported another new PAP face in Aljunied GRC: Mr Kahar Hassan, 45, a deputy director (infrastructure) with rail operator SMRT.

His ward is Kaki Bukit, which has a Malay representation of about 25 per cent, higher than the 14 per cent national average.

Former Aljunied GRC candidate and Keppel Corporation’s group strategy and development director Ong Ye Kung is the PAP branch chairman of Kaki Bukit.

Ms Chan told The Straits Times that the move from Siglap to Serangoon, where she lives, will let her spend more time with her two children, aged seven years and one year and seven months.

“I would like to bring my experience in building micro-communities in Siglap over to Serangoon, and work with the residents to make Serangoon a better place to live in, and a happier and more cohesive community,” she said. She has been doing grassroots work for 12 years, and received the Public Service Medal in 2012.

A voiceover professional, she can be heard giving announcements on MRT trains and at country clubs.

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