Construction worker jailed nine months for molesting resident in her HDB flat

Straits Times 11 April 2014

On Jan 16 this year, a woman said goodbye to a worker who had completed upgrading work in her HDB flat in Tampines, and turned away.

From behind, he suddenly slid his hand under her armpit and reached for her breast.

Shocked, she struggled to break free. It was only after she bit his palm in desperation that he released his grip on her.

Vadla Kandappachari was sentenced to nine months in prison on Friday, after pleading guilty to molesting the 43-year-old woman.

The construction worker from India, who turned 39 on Thursday, also admitted to one other charge of outraging his victim’s modesty by kissing the back of her right palm.

For each charge outraging the modesty of a person with criminal force, Kandappachari could have been jailed two years, fined, and caned.

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