Why Take so Long to Suspend Woffles Wu?

It doesn’t matter that Woffles Wu is a renowned plastics surgeon in Singapore. But it sure is shameful that a top surgeon like him retorted that many others are also dishonest in traffic related offence when Singapore Medical Council asked why he committed fraud and dishonest act. So does it mean if everybody is doing it, it is the right thing to do?

What is callous about him is he had no qualms to ask his employee, an elderly man of 76 years to take the rap for him for a speeding offense in 2005. The four month suspension from practice by Singapore Medical Council doesn’t seem to affect him as he be going for vacation and writing articles. I think 8 days magazine should stop asking him to write articles for them. We should just boycott 8days magazine for supporting such a heartless man like Woffles Wu who is not repentant for his action.

What is shocking is that for similar crime of instigating others to take the rap for speeding offense, others were jailed yet Woffles Wu got away by paying fines and suspension. Why is he not send to jail?

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