Bottle culture, a form of escapism from reality?

I refer to the report, “Bottle Culture” (Sunday Life! Mar 23). As a young adult, the bottle culture gives rise to alcohol addiction and is what makes the young attracted to clubs. It is also expensive to sustain the bottle culture phenomenon as it comes with a heavy price tag.

Impressing friends by opening bottles is a superficial act of trying to gain attention from others. It is also part of the club’s push to gain more revenue for the night and to get people interested in hanging out at clubs. The habit of ordering bottles, people will tend to drink more without them realising it, this can lead to potential health problems.

The young people will tend to order more bottles as to them drinking more will show their superiority and they will be deemed as a more sociable group. The bottle culture also highlights the problem of these young people, are they using this as a form of excuse or a culture to escape from their problems in life?

The bottle culture is fuelling more opportunities for the young to be influenced by alcohol and make them spend their money all on drinking at clubs. There are alternate solutions to help them solve their problems without alcohol. Turning to alcohol only serves as a temporary solution. There are hang-overs to struggle with and the after effects of alcohol can leave oneself feeling tired and unable to function the next day.

I urge the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to take up a stronger stand towards alcohol addiction and the bottle culture to not let it become a part of a person’s life. More stringent measures should be in place to combat this growing trend which may lead to serious consequences. At the end of the night, it’s the clubs that have the last laugh.

Darren Chan Keng Leong

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