“If resources are better deployed…I don’t think there will be shortage…in this photo taken on 6th April at Hougang stadium. In a match between Hougang united vs Tampines Rover. These large number of policeman will deployed there to “safe guard” or perhaps wasting tax payers money in a match that family and students had attended with zero potential of any incident getting out of hand…..the only “aggressive ” thing happened in the stadium is the loud chants and cheers by the passionate football fans and Hougang HOOLS. Their sudden presence during half time of the match caused the passionate fans to quiet down but this a bloody football match..not some “sit and pray” event…these policeman spent their precious -tax payer paid time till almost 11pm for an uneventful sport outing. So low manpower in police force? Please have these policeman clearing up those street hookers in Geylang red light district. Rather than being a party spoiler in a soccer match…”

Rocking Goodtime

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