I got stuck at Changi Airport due to “random” checks, and ironically, all those called up were Vietnamese. Plus very rude attitude from the “civil servants”. Arriving on Qatar business class did not help one bit. They even asked to check how much money each person has. Erm… Excuse me miss civil servant, the air ticket cost more than your one month civil service salary and the room rates of 1 night in a ocean private pool villa in Maldives is another of your passport stamping salary! Oh, and that diamond ring on the finger, that’s another of your 1 year salary u condescending civil servant!

Don’t go on a power trip just because you are in a position of authroity in the airport and talk down on people. From now on. I learn from the civil servants at the airport and talk down on all delivery boys, house removal people, despatch riders, etc. Because their kind started it first.

In Singapore it’s passport and nationality profiling and discrimination and money faced rude attitude. And since govt wants us to listen to them in everything, I will learn and listen. You got a job to do. Fine. But cut the bloody cb attitude and stop being so condescending. You get verbally abused on the job and put up signs to say show respect and be courteous? Start with your atttitude towards others first! And this is not the first time we got this shitty treatment! It’s the 3rd time!

Well they messed with the wrong person. This “Vietnamese chick” they called up for “random check” is a director and shareholder of a Singaporean company who pays corporate tax and employs Singaporeans. Guess what? The director has made a decision to hire only foreigners for cheap labour and people with no predisposition to work as front line passport stampers, despatch drivers, delivery boys. “They” can apply all they want. Waste their time in interviews n decline based on lack of experience. No discrimination there. Just like the “random checks” at the airport! Same! I learn fast.

Singapore businesses depends on overseas trade for their revenue. And Singapore business development people travel all over business. One day these bozos are gonna piss the wrong foreigner off an foreign country customs and immigration gonna make life difficult for travelling Singaporeans.

Frequent Singaporean Traveller

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