AHSIAO runs 31 marathons in 31 days to raise bone marrow awareness

Running a marathon, or 42 kilometres, a day for 31 days straight may sound like an impossible task to most.

But running enthusiast Gerrard Lin completed this grueling task, all for a good cause.

The 32-year-old covered a whopping 1,300 kilometres in 31 days to raise awareness for bone marrow donation.

He completed his record-breaking feat on Monday evening. The effort has been entered in the Singapore Book of Records.

Pounding the pavement, though, was just one part of the challenge.

Mr Lin, who is nicknamed “Ah Siao”, or “crazy” in Hokkien, will now have to recruit about 1,300 bone marrow donors, one for each kilometre he completed.

This is all for the Bone Marrow Donor Programme, which hopes to attract these volunteers over the next 10 weeks.

The programme also aims to raise some S$200,000 to pay for laboratory tests and equipment needed to process these donors to add to its register.

Mr Lin, who is a martial arts instructor, hopes to send a clear message to those who hear of his running exploits.

Mr Lin, speaking from a donor’s perspective, said: “Since he’s (Lin) running, he’s doing so much, maybe I could just spare two minutes of my time just swabbing my cheek and putting my name into the database. If… there is a… (bone marrow) match, it’s just two or three days of my life gone, that’s all.”

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